About Us

Based in Noida (very close to New Delhi, INDIA), Kaushal International is one of India’s leading quality conscious manufacturers and exporters of wide variety of home furnishings in textiles such as quilts, duvet covers, quilted/ non-quilted bedspreads, cushion covers, pillow shams, throws, table linens, curtains, floor cushion mattresses etc. in variety of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes unfolding a world of fashion and designs.

We specialize in manufacture and export of quilts & cushions, that is our prime products in a stream of many other textile products. Our company functions with state of the art technology, excellent manufacturing and high processing quality. We specializes in presenting
new and trendy designs in the export market with a blend of old classic techniques. The company presents its products with different fabrics such as Cotton, Linen, Polyester, Silk, Wool, Viscose, Nylon and so on.

In-House Design Team

We have a strong team of designers who work in our designing studio in such a coordinated manner that it becomes a charm to get a sample developed in our company. We have lot of colors, designs & fabrics in our studio which we continuously utilize to develop new products as per the taste of our clients.

High Quality Products

We produces high quality products giving top most priority to the quality and have appointed QA checks at every stage of production, starting from 100% fabric checking & ending with 100% finished goods inspection. We have well trained and specialized QA staff
and results of checking at all stages are duly recorded to ensure maximum control over quality. All this enables us to be so much confident about the quality of our products. 

Sedex Compliant

Kaushal International is a SEDEX compliant manufacturer exporter & always take a step for the well being & better working conditions of their employees and workers, We adhere to all the social & labor laws in force so that our workers feel happy & always produce happy products.
Our unique combination of exports combined with company-directed and managed manufacturing process, allows us to operate with the flexibility necessary for today’s “just in time” approach.

Our Vision

We wants to enhance and further develop our relationship with other companies in the world in order to expand our export business and establish internationally known name. It has always been our endeavor to increase our production base consistently to cater to new customers and we have deliberately widened our surroundings to ensure that we are in a position to utilize typical skills of people of different areas to avoid bottleneck.